I was born in Trieste, Italy, where I live and draw work.
I started my career like a children illustrator, but now I’m working for a more mature audience
I am available for freelance illustration.
If you are a company looking to hire me for freelance or a gallery interested in showing my work, shoot me an email at lucamingolla88@gmail.com

Work for 040 film
as character designer for “Bora” a stop motion movie

Work for Nicoletta Costa
as graphic and illustrator,

Graphic and graphic layout for “Julio Bunny”‘s styleguide

illustrator for the 3 books “un mondo di bene” “Eli la Spiga” (2019);
illustrator in the collective book “Gummy Guts” (2018);
for Erikson “Ap Apetta e il viaggio in Lambretta” (2017);
for Mondadori Electa “Mappe del gusto/Food atlas” (2016) and “Mappe degli animali/Animal atlas” (2018);
for Panini I did the game section for “Giulio Coniglio/Julio bunny” (from 99 to 105).